Friday, April 27, 2007

A reason to write

this is very inspiring....

Bobute shares how she views her health challenges as a blessing.

My name is Barbara, I am dealing with Alzheimers / Dementia and write almost on a daily basis. I am dealing with my health issues, which are many. I try to deal with my life in a positive way by writing and encouraging others along the way.

I want to send a message of encouragement to others who have illness, that we are not handicapped until we no longer try. Something, anything. Just please try for as long as you can. I realize this does not apply to everyone, but there are many who just give up at the sound of the words spoken. I say, for mE, Dementia/Alzheimers has mE, I do not have it.

I will write for as long as I can, I am a writer with plans of becoming a published author. I have far to go, but can only get there one step at a time.

So many are devastated trying to understand the feelings of their loved one, but communication leaves them angry and feeling alone. On the other hand the patient, when able to understand, has issues he or she tries to communicate also. My family does not always understand mE, nor I them. I can try to explain where I think I am coming from, but at the same time, often I am not even sure.

I deal through the computer by writing, going deeper than I ever have before. Using all the senses I have always had, but was too busy to acknowledge. I am "housebound" due to other health issues, so for mE to go past the front door once or twice a week is an experience to awaken all my senses and write about. As I explain to everyone, I have gone from being me to being mE through this transformation.

I am more aware, alive, and among the living than ever before. My illnesses have turned into miracles not burdens. I want others to feel this and begin to be counted among the living also, not giving up and just waiting to die. We owe ourselves more than that; we are short-changing ourselves and our families if we do not at least try.

My current joke is, "now if it could teach mE how to spell correctly again, my wonder drug it would be." :-) A writer that cannot spell is a challenge, but so is life. No promises with many rewards if we look inside each day with our eyes wide open.

Smell th

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