Monday, June 20, 2005

when the boss yell at u!

If your boss yells at you, maybe you shouldn't take itpersonally. Maybe he and his wife had a big fight the nightbefore and she threw him out of the house. Maybe you remind him of someone that he has had a difficult time with in thepast, and some part of his consciousness is expecting thesame situation. Maybe you and he have a karmic relationshipwhere the job of each of you is to learn communication andlove in relation to the other. There are so many possibilities. There is very little use in trying to figure out exactly which possibility applies.

You might assume that there is a reason for his behavior, that it is important to both overcome the block (whatever it is), and not create a bigger block by putting out resentment, resistance, and othernegative emotions. With honest communication you can recognize where he is coming from, gain an understanding of his motivations, and come into a position of empathy and love.

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