Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CRW ward @HKL

Ma was admitted to Cardiac Rehabilitation Ward (CRW) 5th floor after being treated in Emergency department at 2am 17th feb 2015 due to low BP and low sugar level. Imang called the HKL ambulance tak boleh jalan sbb terlalu sakit kepala dan kononnya lantai tak rata dan seolah menari nari.
Ky's note as follows;
Known case of asthma since childhood and HPT since 7 years ago, under UiTM Sg Buloh follow up
Accidentally ingested her husband's medication list at 10pm today.
Husband is 60/malay/man, known case of DM/HPT Since 20 years ago, stroke since oct 2013 under Hospital Sg Buloh follow up
Patient c/o lightheadeness, sweaty and unable to get up from bed since 1am today. BP checked at home, 95/56, PR 108"

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