Sunday, November 23, 2008

Graduation Day

Congratulations to ABANG UDA on Graduation Day!

Today is a proud day, indeed. My beloved son, Taqiuddeen aka Abang Uda graduated with Bachelor in Management from Athabasca University, Canada. It’s an American Transfer Degree Program, twinning with Stamford College Kuala Lumpur. The graduation ceremony was held at the Putra world Trade Center and officiated by YB Dr Huo Ch. Huang, Timbalan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi. He later conferred the degree to all the graduants....

I am so proud of the fine young man Bang Uda has become. He's worked incredibly hard on his studies and, far more importantly, has grown into a compassionate, honest, and responsible gentleman.

...." I love you, Bang Uda . It is my honor, privilege, and the greatest blessing to be your mama".....

I know you took quite a long way, more time spent to come to this stage, but you know, as many wise people said:” Its not how long do you take time to finish, but the question is did you ‘FINISH IT?...You finally have done it ! Alhamdulillah wa masyaAllah.........

.......And tossing his mortar as a sign of relief and accomplishment, at the same time letting go the tensions and pressures beyond…

And this poem I picked from a friend somewhere. I dedicated for you My son on your Graduation Day

This is for you my precious son,
through the years and all the tears, we are very proud of you.
You achieved a lot of success and all your goals for elementary & secondary school, matrics of Univ and finally you now go.
You did well and showed them all you could with high hopes and plans anew.
The future has lots to offer that's true. Be wise, be glad, be happy, show others by your example..
The time for you to become a man is nearing, where did that little boy go.
That's ok because I know we gave you roots to grow.
We now give you wings to soar.Go on, be well, do great things and more success will follow all of your heart's desire for sure.

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