Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tindakan Mesir satu jenayah- Fatwa Ulama' Jordan

Amman - A panel of Jordanian Islamic scholars on Sunday issued a fatwa (judgement) considering the steel wall being built by Egypt along its border with the Gaza Strip a "crime" and urged all Muslims to move to prevent its construction. "This racial wall, which is being built by Egypt in collusion with the United States and Israel, is tantamount to a crime and a taboo," as far as Islamic teachings are concerned, said the legal committee which is affiliated to the Islamic Action Front (IAF), Jordan's largest political party. Egypt has said that the building of the steel wall is a "sovereign defence decision" designed mainly to block drug trafficking through tunnels running under the border, which are dug illegally and used to smuggle supplies and weapons. The Jordanian scholars said a wall would "aggravate the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip by blocking the arrival of food supplies and medicine to the enclave through the tunnels and thus precipitate the death of patients". The panel also contended that it would prevent the smuggling of arms to the fighters of the radical Palestinian Hamas group and thus hinder the "jihad" operations against Israeli troops.

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